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Environmental Resources Unit

The Environmental Education and Resources Unit (EERU) is located within the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of the Western Cape. The EERU functions as an independent Unit within the faculty. EERU has a 32 ha nature reserve and an indigenous nursery on campus. EERU’s main operations are the management of the veld and propagation of indigenous plants in the nursery. They also do some  outreach to schools and community projects. The reserve falls within the Science department, thus supporting some of the practical work and research done by the students. The staff component consists of a horticulturist, educationist, nature conservator, conservation student, two workers and the coordinator. EERU is fast establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with in the fields of environmental education, indigenous greening and nature conservation. The Unit was one of the winners of the prestigious Cape Times Centenary Award, in 1996. This award recognizes outstanding achievement in the conservation of the natural environment, historic precincts and buildings. The EERU has its origin in the establishment of the Cape Flats Nature Reserve (CFNR), on the campus of the University. In 1990, the EERU, incorporating the Cape Flats Nature Reserve and the Nursery was established.
The EERU has focused, over the years, on developing a successful environmental education programme, a chief component of which, has been the development of resources. The comprehensive resource collection on topical issues in the environmental field is updated regularly, so that the staff may stay informed of developments. This collection also provides students and educators with relevant materials for research. The Cultivation Complex (or Nursery), completed in 1980, has a proud history of upgrading school grounds and community landscapes through greening with indigenous plants. The Nursery of the EERU, fulfills the invaluable role of promoting the indigenous flora of the Cape Flats to communities who live there.

Training | Volunteer
Interns and volunteers are based and utilized directly at the offices of EERU which is located at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of the Western Cape.You will participate as a fully functioning member of the team and assist with projects that EERU is busy with at the time of your internship. You will also assist with the management of the veld and propagation of indigenous plants in the nursery and will definitely get your hands dirty. Interns can also get involved in Marketing and communication tasks related to the reserve and carry out research according to the projects that are happening at the time and you will also have the opportunity to be involved in the Science department. Your duties will be very varied and you will gain excellent experience in the managing of a reserve and the related Environmental, Conservation and Educational aspects and get the opportunity to interact with a very diversified team.

CCA Environmental (Pty)

Established in March 2004, CCA Environmental (Pty) Ltd is a firm of dynamic environmental consultants that provides a broad range of environmental consulting services to the private and public sector. CCA Environmental recognizes the many development challenges facing South Africa and the rest of the African subcontinent and the notion of sustainable development, which espouses the need for development to be socially, ecologically and economically sustainable. The company's vision is to become the preferred environmental service provider to a range of clients in the private and public sectors. CCA Environmental offers a variety of services, at both management and specialist level, which range from Environmental
Impact Assessments to complex Environmental Management Systems. Their consulting services also include Road, water and sewage infrastructure, River and wetland management and improvement; Oil and gas exploration and production and many other areas. The company has an excellent working relationship
with the public sector with proven experience in public participation and prides themselves on a very highly professional experienced staff. CCA Environmental also operates a quality system for all projects that are undertaken and all procedures are continuously reviewed and updated. 

CCA Environmental take on interns in the fields of Environmental consulting and Engineering. Depending on the projects they are busy on at the time and your interests and university requirements you will be integrated into a project team and receive exposure to planning stages through to carrying out of projects. On application for an internship tasks will be provided to each specific intern.
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