Started in 2000 and situated in the centre of Cape Town, in a move to empower unemployed and needy South Africans and create opportunities where previously none existed, This company is essentially  a social upliftment and community development project. Focusing on the unique and dynamic genre of wire art, the project is providing the skills training, support and raw materials necessary to enable many formerly unemployed South Africans to channel their natural creative energies into this vibrant art form. While wire art is not a new genre, the team brings together a collective of people with skills in wire art, marketing, production development and industrial design. Working together we are able to pool our resources for the mutual benefit of all involved, particularly the wire-artists who have previously had to carry the burden of all these functions themselves. The majority of wire art is designed not only with ornamental value in mind but most wire art lends itself readily to being branded in one way oralso to be functional in some way. In addition, another, thereby increasing the appeal of thesproducts for promotional purposes and corporate gifts. The main aim of the company project is to create sustainable, meaningful long-term employment for as many unemployed and needy South Africans as possible. By providing people with a workplace, a sense of purpose and access to resources like skills training and development, this company is helping to improve the life of many formerly destitute South Africans.

Be involved in logistics, production processes and techniques aimed at increasing the feasibility of the product on the market. Your tasks will also involve working with operations, stock management, process flows in operations, process optimization, dispatch, customer service (handling returns/damages/tracking of deliveries)
Receive exposure in diverse aspects of import and export and the administrative procedures linked to this aspect this company.