The XYZ Legal Centre seeks to advance the struggle for equality for women, particularly black women, who suffer socio-economic disadvantage, through the promotion and development of human rights for women. In order to fulfill its objectives, the XYZ Legal Centre will, free of charge Litigate cases which advance women's rights and are in the public interest, particularly constitutional cases; and produce briefs to assist courts in constitutional cases which concern women's rights and gender equality. In addition, where resources permit, the XYZ Legal Centre aims to provide women's organisations with technical legal assistance in making submissions to parliament and other institutions. The XYZ Legal Centre aims to provide training and capacity building programs for para-legals and women lawyers who wish to conduct constitutional litigation in regard to gender issues. They believe that there is a need to collaborate with women's organisations in all their activities. The XYZLegal Centre’s focus areas are fair access to resources, Having a safe place to stay, The right to Health, Being able to work and Being free of violence Any litigation/ legal work conducted by the XYZ Legal Centre should advance substantive equality for women. Substantive equality is advanced through litigation that seeks to improve the lives of women who have been disadvantaged by social and economic conditions.

Tasks will be allocated depending on  knowledge and fields of interest and projects at the time