The XYZ Centres are spread throughout South Africa and employ attorneys and candidate attorneys to provide legal representation to the poor. At the Centres there is a specific focus on criminal practice. XYZ contributes to the compassionate society needed for democracy and justice to flourish in South Africa. XYZ assists indigent residents to participate in the South African Justice System. It ensures that criminal accused receive a fair trial, guarantees the right of access of the even the poorest to the courts and provides for the rights of children. The representation of juvenile accused is an important aspect of the work of the Justice Centres. XYZ has identified women and children's rights (as well as land issues) as deserving of special attention in the provision of its legal services. They also fund candidate attorneys in rural law firms, law clinics and recently launched a system of nationwide justice centres. In the past, the XYZ compensated private attorneys/advocates in a system known as Judicare. The emphasis is on providing a legal aid service for the poor through salaried lawyers working in justice centres in various places around the country. The centres provide a range of services, including defense in criminal trials and representation in civil matters. Justice centres will extend access to legal aid to far more people than was previously the case. In the short term, however, the majority will still not have access to these centres. In the long term therefore a range of additional measures are necessary to ensure that this project is successful.

Involved in the field of Law where justice for all is concerned
Assist lawyers in providing legal aid in a variety of areas such as criminal areas, divorce cases, labour disputes etc.