The company was established in 1966 and is situated at Cape Town International Airport. Over three decades, with bases in Cape Town, Kimberley and Durban, the the company has experienced the realisation of an Air Ambulance network and Flying Health Outreach Service with the capacity to provide effective and equitable healthcare to metropolitan areas as well as remote rural communities throughout the entire sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.  Since its launch the Flying Health Outreach Service has literally changed the lives of thousands of people living in rural communities.  Continuing medical education and the upgrading of skills of rural health workers are a major objective of the Flying Health Outreach Service. Specialists accompanying the team to rural hospitals share their valuable experience with local staff thereby enabling them to improve their service to the community. Community health education is another important priority. Health education personnel are transported to rural areas where they conduct training and health promotion sessions in the community. The educational programme covers subjects such as HIV/AIDS, personal hygiene, environmental health, TB prevention, family planning, immunisation etc  


Working as an intern at this company, you will be based in the Marketing Department, helping the team to come up with new and innovative ideas. You will be involved in research on fundraising, Public Relations work and there will be elements of administration and filing. As far as Marketing involvement is concerned, you will be involved in updating marketing strategies, bringing overviews and information to meetings concerning features and changes in the marketing. You will be working on existing projects as well as working on your own project to establish new marketing strategies. As an intern, you will be accountable to the manager, which will involve reporting back regularly, completing tasks timeously, maintaining a positive company image and arriving at work and meetings punctually and well prepared. An internship with this company will provide you with ample opportunity to use your existing skills as well as develop new foundations and gain new experiences. The organisation will do their best to ensure that an internship with them is a successful and enjoyable one where they will make every effort to meet your needs and requirements