A home that provides specialised care for profoundly intellectually and disabled people.  The home accommodated 90 residents. These children need specialised care every minute of their lives. Each child’s potential is explored and developed to fulfil their maximum potential in a stimulating environment. By caring for these residents, the home also provides help and relief to parents and siblings, allowing them to lead more normal lives. The Special Care Centre also serves to promote public awareness of their situation, in partnership with families, communities and other role-players, supported by dedicated and motivated staff. Disabled children need a great deal of physical and mental stimulation and they like to play.  This is done with water play, playing with blocks, playing music and singing.  Each child also has a development program.  Simple things like picking up a spoon are a major achievement for these children.  Physiotherapy and physical development is very important to exercise and strengthen muscles and is achieved through stretching exercises and using apparatus such as the standing frame. Home's services also provide the base from which students, medical practitioners etc. undertake learning into various aspects of Home's work, in an effort to improve the work and to understand more about the profoundly intellectually disabled person and his/her needs


Will work closely with the nursing staff.
An Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy intern will work alongside the resident Occupational and Physiotherapists and gain excellent exposure in their field.