This school hosts about 300 students on the register and they represent 24 disability groups eg. Spina Bifida, Spinal Cord Lesions, Muscular Dystrophies, Congenital and Traumatic amputations, Arthritis and Cerebral Palsy. Around 45 of those students stay at the hostel after school hours.Learners admitted to the school are physically disabled, but educable. Consideration is given to applicants’ ability to cope in a mainstream setting and their need for the therapeutic services. The school is proactive about mainstreaming and learners are placed back in the mainstream once their rehabilitation has been completed. Students from the age of 5 up to the age of 18 are all welcome and can attend grade R to grade 9 classes, as well as Unit classes that are specially adjusted for students with learning difficulties. The students' needs are the focus of nearly 85 staff members: teachers, psychologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, administration staff, drivers, cleaners, house mothers and volunteers.Astra is very proud of their students’ strength in athletics and provide them with the opportunity of representing their schools nationally and on an international level. The school offers sports codes such as track and field, wheelchair basketball, table tennis, swimming and hockey. Wheelchair dancing is a comparatively new activity in the school and ideas for new activities and interests are always gladly accepted.


Nursing students will work in general health promotion in the school. As the children’s education is aimed at a mainstream setting, the learners need to be given life skills to live and earn in a normal society. Most of them come from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds with a dire need for health education in sexuality, health promotion, puberty awareness and hygiene. Nursing students can focus on setting up work shops in these areas and using educational tools adapted to learners with disabilities and focusing on subjects such as First Aid, Life Skills, Infection control and hygiene aimed at disease spreading and a healthy living lifestyle.