In Silvertown, Cape Town for over 40 years that admits children up to the age of 12. It serves as the only convalescent hospital available to children in the Western Cape. The hospital aims to provide professional care necessary to allow full recovery once the critical stage of the illness has been treated. The main conditions treated at the hospital include burns, HIV/Aids, tuberculosis, kwashiorkor, marasmus, motor vehicle accidents, effects of malnutrition, surgery, trauma, gastro-enteritis and non-accidental illnesses. Parents from poor communities do not have the finance or the facilities to nurse their children after acute illnesses or burns. The Hospital is a critical link in the treatment of children for not only continued care, but preventing recurrence. More recently, children have been referred to the Hospital not only for medical reasons, but simply because they have no other place to go. The number of abandoned children and children coming from socially unfit backgrounds are on the increase. Not all of their young patients are confined to their beds - many are active, playful and, at times, keen to learn. They have a Nursery School within the hospital, which functions well with the help of very active volunteers. They have volunteers who assist them keeping their patients usefully busy as well as outings they are invited to which allows a lot of spoiling and reminds them they are important and cared about.

- Nutrition care for the moms
- Hygiene in general and education to the moms
- Establishing proper medicine giving procedures for moms
- General education to mothers with children in the hospital and those with children leaving the hospital.
- Assist in the palliative ward with feeding, play etc