This Radio station a commercial station broadcasting in the Cape Town metropole and surrounding areas from their centrally located offices in Green Point, within walking distance of the city centre and the V& A Waterfront. From its weather to its people, Cape Town has its own unique beat - and no other station connects to this beat like this radio station. Through music, entertainment and content; its high impact on-air personalities tap into the essence of Cape Town: sexy, sussed, sassy and above all sincere. It's this sincerity that gives this radio station a suburban cool, real Cape Town feel that few brands ever achieve. You'll regularly find the station's top personalities on the ground, taking part in heartfelt initiatives that build communities and engage in the real lives of its listeners. This radio station understands and connects with the Cape Town market. It's the smartest way to talk to Capetonians, offering advertisers affordability and fantastic return on investment. The station's urban adult contemporary music attracts more than half a million listeners weekly, mostly those between the ages of 25-49

Will be based in the editorial or news department and will assist with script writing, organizing of interviews and all other Radio Journalism tasks.
Will assist with editing music, selecting and compiling music
Will assist with programme production and/or presentation, as well as with music production and sound engineering
Will assist with sales and advertising.