This world renowned magazine that was launched in Cape Town in 1996. It publishes a general interest monthly magazine sold by a vendor force of unemployed and socially excluded adults. The magazine is a general interest and current affairs magazine that is sold mainly on the streets of Cape Town and its surrounds, with a limited distribution in Johannesburg. Containing a mix of news stories, columns, features, arts and entertainment pieces, The  magazine appeals to a wide range of readers and cuts across demographic categories. The magazine is backed-up by a social development programme of vendor support, vocational, life and business skills training and guidance counselling, which aids them to move back into mainstream society. Critical to its job creating function is the The magazine's philosophy that actively encourages and equips vendors to 'move on' from the project and into mainstream society. The magazine can also be found in Northern England, London, Scotland, Australia and The magazine South Africa is a member of the International Network of Street Papers (INSP) which unites over 88 street papers sold by people living in poverty across 37 countries spanning 6 continents. The  magazine has a readership of over 96 000 and has provided employment and social support for 10 000 people, who have earned over R13-million since its inception.

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