This organisation, formed in 1955, is a human rights organisation, which provides para-legal advice to disadvantaged individuals, groups and communities. The organisation works through provision of legal services, research, legislation monitoring, publication, training, campaigns and networking. There are several Offices in South Africa, situated in Cape Town, Durban, East London, Grahamstown, Johannesburg, Pietermaritzburg, Port Elisabeth and Pretoria. The aims of the Centre are to promote the constitutional entrenchment and protection by law of human rights for all; equal access to justice for all; the establishment of democratic and accountable government; an awareness of the roles of civil society as well as the state in the achievement of social and economic justice and monitor infringements of political and socio-economic rights and how the rights of women are effected. The organisation focuses largely on social security rights, especially retirement provision, child support benefits, unemployment provision and disability provision. They provide education and advice to approximately 40'000 people annually, who are part of the most disadvantaged. Organisation services are focused to respond to the need of the poor, especially women, the unemployed, the children, the disabled.

Tasks in Law and all related paralegal services
Socio-Economic Development and several other fields.
Social-economic impacts on poverty and development, through performing various administrative, research and related tasks.