This Centre operates from Cape Town’s central business district offering welfare, development and advocacy programmes for refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and local South Africans since 2002. Their mission is to foster the cultural, social and economic integration of migrants, refugees and South Africans into local society. Starting with the Welcoming Programme, which distributed food and clothes in 1998, and then expanding to include a development agenda in 2003 and the establishment of a children’s home for abandoned and orphaned refugee children named “xyz” in 2005, the Fathers formed a secular non-government organisation, this Centre of Cape Town to manage these projects. This Centre receives around 2000 people each month to access their different services. A Guest House for Responsible Tourism is housed on the top floor of the this Centre, as an income generator as well as for enhanced networking opportunities. They have a team of 16 people and the revolving help of about 40 volunteers. In providing their assistance, they use a holistic approach that considers all basic needs and human rights The  Centre Advocacy Programme offers legal advice and practical assistance with a special focus on vulnerable individuals, with the aim to ensure that their rights are respected. While the programme takes on any kind of issues related to discrimination due to someone’s foreign nationality, the programme has a particular focus on the needs and protection of persons affected by xenophobic violence, disabled refugees and protection of unaccompanied refugee and migrant children. In addition to assisting individuals, the programme also conducts ‘higher level’ advocacy with the aim to change legislation and ensure the implementation of existing laws and procedures.

To facilitate the socioeconomic integration of refugees, migrants and South Africans through the facilitation of their access to employment
Manage a small project or portfolio as well was working at the Employment Help Desk
Assist clients to create & type CVs and cover letters
Create e-mail accounts
Post adverts for clients on job sites
Provide individual assistance to clients with employment-related phone, fax, and e-mail Services
Facilitate the PC lab for client job search and applications
Research suitable job adverts for their clients
Provide information on how to access work in certain categories & available skills Training
Assist the team to organize a monthly workshop programme
Capturing and collecting data to be entered and updated in the database 
Conducted a sample at the Employment Help Desk to measure the impact of the project, created a database of available skills training in Cape Town, researched employment opportunities of foreign health professionals and engineers in South Africa