This School for learners with physical disabilities opened in January 1980. There are currently 200 students on the register and they represent 24 disability groups eg. Spina Bifida, Spinal Cord Lesions, Muscular Dystrophies, Congenital and Traumatic amputations, Arthritis and Cerebral Palsy. Learners admitted to This School are physically disabled, but educable. Consideration is given to applicants’ ability to cope in a mainstream setting and their need for the therapeutic services. This School is proactive about mainstreaming and learners are placed back in the mainstream once their rehabilitation has been completed. This School is very proud of their students’ strength in athletics and provide them with the opportunity of representing their schools nationally and on an international level. This School offers sports codes such as track and field, wheelchair basketball, table tennis, swimming and hockey. Wheelchair dancing is a comparatively new activity in the school and ideas for new activities and interests are always gladly accepted. This School has not only made their students reach for their dreams, but have also provided an avenue whereby they can channel all their energy.

Attend to the medical needs of the learners
Follow up appointments and monitoring the learner’s physical condition
Developing perceptual skills
Re mediating learning problems
Revocational training and encouraging holistic personal independence.
Aim to develop the learner’s physical potential and independence within the limitation of the disability.