This organization was established in 1994 to help bring relief to the communities hardest hit by the HIV crisis. Formed against a background of economic curtailment on welfare spending and a huge increase in the number of HIV and AIDS cases, This organizationi initiated programmes to help HIV+ people in the local community cope with the emotional and financial strains brought about by HIV and AIDS. Focusing on the needs of HIV+ women and their children, This organization’s services aim to ease the burden of HIV by enabling people living with the virus to respond positively and attain the skills to develop their own coping strategies. Historically disenfranchised, disempowered and marginalized, women bear the brunt of the national pandemic. With health services already stretched to the limit and unemployment at nearly 50%, making extreme economic hardship a daily reality, This organization is working to fill the gap that leaves people with HIV & AIDS particularly exposed.Through This organization’s outreach programme of AIDS education workshops and awareness initiatives, staff work within the township communities to raise awareness, provide education and disseminate information. In this way, This organization works towards improving community acceptance of people with HIV and AIDS, combating discrimination and developing community based responses to prevention, support and care.

Skills Development and Income Generation Projects
Education & Awareness
Red Ribbon Campaign
Non-Medical VCT Site in Gugulethu
Vulnerable Child Program
ARV Treatment Literacy for Adherence