This Hospital is locally renowned as the training ground for some of South Africa’s best doctors, surgeons and nurses. Internationally, this hospital gained global fame when, in December 1967, a young UCT educated surgeon named Dr Christiaan Barnard completed the world’s first successful human heart transplant on Louis Washkansky (who was suffering from heart complications brought about, primarily, by his diabetes). As a government funded teaching hospital, this hospital is staffed by highly experienced individuals who can typically be seen to be mentoring medical school students from the University of Cape Town who are completing the final period of their training (often referred to as clinical training). The standard of care is therefore very high, and patients are only admitted to the facility if they have been directed to do so by a primary or secondary health care worker or facility. The hospital was first put into commission in 1938, but by 1984 had to undergo massive extensions to the original building. Two new wings were added to the hospital. The University of Cape Town has been ranked, according to several internationally compiled and authoritative indexes, to be the best university on the African continent and among the best 200 universities worldwide, and this hospital itself lays claim to international renown that extends beyond the feat achieved in 1967. This is to say that the hospital is an internationally celebrated research institution and is highly regarded for its trauma unit, anesthesiology department and internal medicine department. In addition to brilliant local minds, this hospital also draws many visiting medical students, residents and specialists to it each year. These students and specialists come to the hospital to gain further experience in the various fields of endeavour in which the hospital engages.

This hospital offers an internship to international students of Facility Management who have an interest in health care systems. Interns are provided with a project according their skills and requirements and the need that the hospital has at the specific time of the students internship. Complete project details will be provided on application.