This organization was established in 1999 as a community-based organisation and is located in Cape Town in a township. It is one of three organization throughout Africa. The main purpose is to bring hope to children and families. This organization is divided into three programmes.
Community Support Programme: This is the programme that supports children and families directly, by running a children’s home and by helping to provide a children’s HIV clinic within the community. They aim to meet the physical, emotional, reunification, educational and recreational needs of children in their centre.
Community Development Programme: This Programme aims to build skills and networks within the community, by running life skills and leadership skills for young people, providing information and referrals to families, such as social work services, parenting courses, a resource centre and networking with community based organisations.
Organisational Support Programme: This Programme supports their services to children and families through Finance, Facilities, and Fundraising.

Work closely with the Facility Manager of This organization as well as other professionals.
Tasks would include :
Learning about Beautiful Gate in general as an organization
Attending sub committee meetings to see the logistics of running an organization
Updating and learning about This organization’s policies and procedures
Learning how to liaise with staff working with the particular student .ie. boost staff moral, interaction and participation
Assisting with and make suggestions regarding overall current operations Creating awareness of the centre through communication channels and Public Relations tasks and Fundraising activities and make suggestions on leisure time activities etc and give a performance appraisal of the services offered and delivered.
The intern could also be given their own PR project to work on from start to delivery under supervision and be assisted in implementing it. This organization also works in partnership with Eziko. This is focused primarily on providing affordable quality food for children in the Child & Youth Centre.