This Association exists to co-ordinate resources available to cancer patients in the community; to support and direct cancer research in South Africa and to promote healthy lifestyles and choices that will result in a reduction of cancer incidences and raise the health status of all our communities. Started in 1991 by a group of medical professionals concerned about the high incidence of cancer, This Association has grown to be one of the leading NGO’s in the country with 45 offices around the country and more than 12000 volunteers and 260 staff members. Their aim is to substantially reduce the impact of cancer by promoting health in all communities within South Africa through advocacy and the sustainable facilitation of research, prevention, early detection and care. Funds are obtained largely through bequests, trusts, events and donations and managed by fund managers. Other services to patients and their families include Counselling/Support Groups; Interim Homes/ Day Care Centres and Assistive Devices as well as Home based care.

Involved largely in events, marketing and fund raising as the organization relies largely on donations from the public and private sector. Assisting with media drives and coming up with new initiatives, events and ideas. This Association runs numerous projects year round and as an intern you will have the opportunity to participate in many of these. As an intern, interpersonal effectiveness is of high importance,