This institution acts as a central point of entry for the general field of renewable energy. Some contract research projects are completed within this institution while others end up in the other academic departments or research entities of this institution.The Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy was formed to execute the mandate of the Programme: The Centre plays a coordinating role for a variety of contract research projects where specialists from various disciplines participate to investigate renewable energy resources, conversion technologies and applications. The Centre has a staff of four engineers, all with masters’ degrees, specialising in renewable energy that assist with the technical work. In addition the Centre can call on the expertise of the wider institution community as well as other experts, even from abroad, should they be required to work on the project. The Centre is driving three national, flagship projects: -South African wind Energy Centre  -Solar Energy Map of Southern Africa -Concentrating Solar Power Pilot Plant and Research Facility

The student will be provided with a project description according to students university requirements and field of interest and fitted into a research group