The company  is the leading manufacturer of cigarettes in South Africa. The company has an estimated 65% share of the total tobacco market in a country where one in every four adults chooses to smoke. It is part of the BAT Group that has a business presence in over 180 countries and is the largest stock market listed tobacco group by market share outside the USA. The company believes that its success can be attributed to the attitude and talent of its human capital. It invests more than 6% of its payroll in development and training, which makes the company one of the top investors in employee development in South Africa. The tobacco industry generates some R6bn in taxes for the South African Government annually. It also sustains over 53,000 jobs. But it can also be a controversial industry. The company, believes that the only meaningful approach to corporate social responsibility is one that does not duck the big issues around tobacco. They acknowledge the significant responsibilities that go with their business and their wider role as a corporate citizen and they take these responsibilities seriously. Their key areas in social responsibility are Community Development; Education; Environment; AIDS; Job Creation; BEE and Crime Prevention.

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