This company is a leading rigid plastic packaging manufacturer in South Africa, specializing in producing customized packaging Their customers include a wide range of South African national companies as well as a number of international companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Reckitt Benckiser, Alberto Culver, Distell, Sara Lee, Heinz, SC Johnson, Justine- Avon, Unilever and Woolworths to name but a few. This company was formed in 1972 and listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 1987. They had a ten year compounded growth rate of 26% and a five-year compounded growth rate of 24%. Approximately 40% of the company is controlled by the directors of the company and they were honoured to be included in the Top 100 Companies on the JSE three times in the last five years, while being sector leaders seven times out of the last ten years. Their market capitalization is approximately R540 million. This company has two divisions of which Plastics is one. The other is the Quality Beverages bottling operation that produces niche soft-drink brands Jive, Dixie, Planet and Aqua Blue. This company specializes in producing packaging for the toiletry, cosmetic, household, pharmaceutical and food markets. They operate four manufacturing plants with a total area of 41000m2, two being in Cape Town, one in Johannesburg and a new facility has opened up in Durban earlier in 2009. This company has high levels of technical expertise for which they are renowned. This includes a mould design department and an extensive tool room, employing over 20 toolmakers. They utilize CAD/CAM facilities both in their mould design office and in the tool room.

The student will receive diverse exposure and will be placed in different areas, these being primarily in the Packaging plant with development and manufacturing and secondly in Business development with costing and development. Students knowledge and skills will be used to utmost advantage to ensure that the internship is mutually beneficial for both the student and the company. According to student study requirements, Student will be given a suitable project and will be required to report back continuously on progress made. The student should be systematic in your work and enjoy being part of a dynamic and innovative team. Perfect for writing thesis in related field