The  School is situated in  Cape Town is a Special Needs English and Afrikaans medium School. The School for learners with Autism was founded in 1974 with 5 learners and has grown to over 65 learners presently. The School was established by the Society for Autistic Children (now Autism Western Cape), but now falls under the administration of the Western Cape Department of Education. Autism is a lifelong, neurological and developmental disability which affects patterns of development, Not the ability to learn. Autism affects a person’s ability to communicate, understand language, play and socially interact with others. On entering the School, noise abounds, footsteps echo off high ceilings and stairwells; pots and pans clang and clatter in the kitchen; raised voices reverberate greetings and admonitions, songs and laughter, tears and tantrums. Among the 65 days students, who are predominantly boys between the ages of 5 and 18, most (85%) come from disadvantaged homes. What all have in common is autism. The spectrum is pretty wide. Some can read and count; others do not speak. Some have a ‘high functioning’ label, while others need help with basics, even the toilet. The School regularly hosts community outreach programmes where they offer support, counselling and education regarding Autism to increase awareness and community support.

The School offers internships to Educational Students, Psychology students and Special Needs Education students. Educational students will be assigned to classrooms and teachers and gain fantastic experience in teaching and educational coordination and serve as part of the school team. As a Psychology intern the student will work closely with the fulltime psychologist who will give them the assistance and guidance regarding their duties at the school. Due to the fact that the Alpha School caters for learners with Autism, their scholastic evaluation and counselling is on a very basic level. However, the school regular screening and observation of learners and a Psychology intern will assist with this as well. The School psychologist will supervise the Psychology intern and assist them with their university forms and requirements. Your internship with the School will be both a very, fulfilling, rewarding and challenging experience and equip you with new skills in your field and be an eye opening experience.