The campus consists of the Boys’ Junior and High Schools (founded in 1841), and the Girls’ Junior and High Schools (founded in 1885). Together, the schools are working towards creating a coordinate model of education, making the  Campus one of a kind in the Western Cape. Based on the best of both co-educational and single-sex education, the co-ordinate model of education puts the schools at the cutting edge of educational development and change. At all four of the schools, pupils are challenged, encouraged and supported in a way that enables them to become independent, resourceful, responsible and accountable. It is a campus of schools which prepares them for the global perspectives of the 21st century. The pupils of the  Campus of Schools receive the benefit of single-sex academic. In addition, they are provided with the opportunities in the extra-curricular programmes for co-operation between the brother and sister schools at Junior and High school levels. Furthermore, the schools are located on one campus, providing all the advantages of the shared facilities of four schools to pupils from Pre-school to Matric. All four schools are equally committed to ensuring that the pupils benefit from this unique structure in four key areas: Academics, Sport, Culture and Service.

The campus offers internships to local and international trainee teachers in all primary grades. The Schools Academic Programme is based on the WCED requirements which allows much scope for individual schools' needs and as such trainee teachers will be involved in general education during their traineeship. According to your specialization subject area you will be placed in classrooms where you will assist teachers in all aspects, to ensure you get an excellent all round perspective. Depending on the time of year of your internship, you will also assist either in winter or Summer sports and your assistance with extra-curricular activities will also be required. The school also has a number of special enrichment areas where you can partake in. An internship with the campus will give you an excellent overview of the South African education system and you will have ample time to apply your skills and knowledge and gain new and exciting experience for your future teaching career. The school looks forward to welcoming you as part of their staff and ensuring you a rewarding and challenging internship.