The Pre primary School is a Kindergarten that caters for children from 3 years old up to including grade R. The Kindergarten is the preparatory step for the Deutsche Internationale Schule Kapstadt but also for other schools in Cape Town. In total they currently have five groups, each with a fully qualified Kindergarten Teacher, an assistant and up to a maximum of 25 children. The leader of the kindergarten is Kathrin, active in the school since 1984. Every group organizes one to two excursions per school term, this could be to a farm, to the botanical garden, to the aquarium or to the theater etc. Film afternoons and flea markets are also organized by the school and to maintain the German tradition, every year a lantern festival is organized. Moreover, once a year proud children give a show for their parents during the kindergarten party. The Kindergarten offers a wonderful opportunity to children and focuses on nurturing and bringing out the best of their abilities in a nurturing environment.

As an intern/ Volunteer working with this Kindergarten, you will be actively welcomed as part of the school team and well integrated as a member of staff. You will be assigned to a classroom for both initial observation of the teaching methods and given the opportunity to find your feet, and then you will have the chance to put into practice your knowledge. You will also act as a fully functioning part of the school and take part in their excursions, activities and fun things that happen during your internship period. The staff at the Kindergarten will be on hand for you to ask any questions and to guide you through your internship/ volunteer period, as they have had lots of past experience with interns. They look forward to welcoming you as part of their team and learning about your international perspectives.