This firm was established in 2006 as an independent continental body to monitor development funding commitments, funding delivery as well as the impact on grassroots communities. Talso works towards bringing strong additional African voices to the development agenda. Their vision is of an African continent rapidly achieving its development potential, whose people live in dignity, in a just society where basic needs are met, human rights are upheld, and good governance entrenched.  The firm’s new strategic focus seeks to unlock the grassroots potential to be the drivers of African economic rejuvenation. In June 2012, the UN Millennium Campaign in collaboration with the UN Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development, the UN Non-Governmental Liaison Service, CIVICUS, GCAP and the Beyond 2015 campaign conducted a two day consultation meeting to coordinate and harmonize efforts to enhance children and youth’s participation in the post-2015 agenda. During the consultation, it was agreed that youth participation is fundamental for the post-2015 agenda and should be achieved through the use of new media, particularly crowd-sourcing, mobile technology, and radio campaigning.
The programme will aim to:
- Establish a mobile based e-platform to source perspectives from a minimum of one hundred thousand youth on the post-2015 agenda.
- Make available regular information feeds about current debates related to the post-2015 global dialogue.
- Generate and synthesize youth perspectives to influence the post-2015 agenda.
- Provide information to African Youths on post 2015 MDG process
- Synthesise data and perspectives generated with other existing processes, including the Africa We Want campaign, the African Consensus process, Beyond 2015 campaign and the World We Want platform. 

This is a challenging internship position and will expose the intern to a wide variety of knowledge areas while carrying out the following tasks:
- Develop and implement a media, communication and marketing plan to popularize the mobile platform.
- Support the media and advocacy work to ensure that the emerging perspectives from the youth play a role in the driving of the African post 2015 development agenda
- Develop and use social media platforms and develop and disseminate content
- Provide radio content outputs for use by community and mainstream radios
- Opinion and commentary pieces
- Social media posts (daily) and Multimedia features It is expected that the work of the intern will result in the following milestones:
- A brief paper on the media, communication and marketing strategic plan,
- Develop and disseminate content in popularizing the platform and advocacy work afterwards