This company, started in the 1940’s, markets their large range of products and brands in some 26 countries worldwide and prides itself on offering a comprehensive service to it’s distributors and clients. The Company established the Health Foods industry in South Africa and remains the market leader today, with it’s Head Office in Cape Town, a sales and distribution depot in Johannesburg, Durban and Sydney along with agents in the Eastern Cape, Free State and numerous countries around the world. The manufacturing capability extends to the production of soft gelatine capsules and tablets; including vitamins, dietary supplements, aromatherapy oils, phytotherapy creams, rooibos tea, fruit and herbal teas, health foods, botanicals and herbals. Companies Food trademarks are registered in most countries worldwide including the comanyl Health Foods, Natrodale and Burgess & Finch brands. Keeping abreast of latest developments in the international health industry, the company Foods conforms to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), has TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia) approval and complies with MCC (Medicines Control Council of South Africa) standards in terms of all its regulations.The Quality Assurance (QA) Department has a Quality Control (QC) section as well as a Stability testing section. The Research & Development (R&D) Department reports to the Marketing Department, in keeping with the company philosophy of being a marketing driven company. The R&D Department recently moved into it’s own formulation and analytical laboratories in order to function as a separate business unit in the future.

The R&D Department consist of 2 sub-groups: the Formulation group and the Analytical Chemistry group.
- The Analytical Chemistry group would be interested in a Chemistry intern to assist with the analytical method development, troubleshooting and validation of various methods required to ensure quality of new proposed products. This will also incorporate stability testing according to a scheduled protocol. Analytical techniques used range from physical wet-chemistry techniques to specialised instrument techniques like, HPLC, GC, NIR and AAS. The prospective student will be involved in project teams that will see the product through from inception until the 3-month test station of Stability. At the end of the internship, the student should have a good working knowledge of the laboratory testing requirements of food supplements and pharmaceuticals in South Africa, and will have been exposed to the regulations and the testing procedures required to ensure high quality standards.
- The Formulation group is responsible for the development of new products for the company, as well as third party clients. The product format is primarily focussed on soft gel capsules, but also include tablets, syrups, emulsions and food products. The Formulation Chemists are involved with the identification of suitable raw materials, proposing theoretical formulations, the manufacture of trial batches in the laboratory and/or factory, as well as scale up batches for routine production. Formulation Chemists are also involved in process optimisation projects in the factory to improve current manufacturing procedures and to increase production yields with problematic products.