This company, since their inception in 1905, has grown to become the most comprehensive commercial printing operation in South Africa. The company has an extensive record of printing, binding and distributing. This gives them a unique understanding and insight as to the requirements for the African Market whilst offering a service comparable to standards across the globe. The Group has ten modern operations across the country, providing a single source for all printing requirements. They offer publication gravure, heat-set web offset, sheet-fed, specialized book, cold-set and UV flexographic self-adhesive labels printing, as well as specialty finishing, bindery, distribution and value services. The ensure the quick, high-quality printing of almost any format of magazine, catalogues, books, newspapers, labels and commercial work. This is because this company implements faster, more advanced technology and highly efficient, fully automated production processes. They ensure that the client’s is printed as quickly and efficiently as possible. All the national networks allows material to be printed close to their final destination to minimize transport requirements. This company have national networks based in Paarl, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein. Each plant operates independently but they also work together as a cohesive group. As leaders and pioneers in many areas within the industry, it stands to reason that development of leadership and managers for the company Group is particularly important. The leaders in their organisation build an environment, which enables the achievement of both organisational and individual goals for every team member.

As part of the company team, the international intern placements would be required to complete a comprehensive research project, researching and analysing:
-The international aid/donor, NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations), corporate and governments involvement in the African education sector
-The education policies and priorities of individual African governments for both primary and secondary education
-The current printing and publishing supply chain for learning material into Africa.
The above will include identification of key role players, current and requested funding and project focus areas, as well as potential key business opportunities. In addition, the interns will provide a support function to the department in terms of the development of business proposals, tenders and presentations for the above markets, as well as assisting with preparation of communication for the African francophone countries as required.