This company is a innovative market place for courier services (large & small) in its pilot phase. If you want something delivered/collected you simply enter the details on the site along with the price you are prepared to pay for the delivery. If a courier is happy with your price, location and package it will be accepted and executed (it’s not an online quoting system, it’s a live market). You decide all the terms of delivery – the courier either accepts or not. This company allows a number of couriers to “shop” in the market and as a result ensures very low courier charges. This company collects all payments for deliveries and pays the couriers – for each delivery this company charges a small transaction fee . Their couriers will regularly look through the market place and decide which packages they want to accept. A courier travelling to Noordhoek from Cape Town might look for additional packages it can collect in Noordhoek and bring back to Cape Town. Similarly if a courier is heading to Noordhoek with only one package it might want to check the market place for additional packages. Their unique proposition is that this company does not have to be an existing courier company. Once this company has vetted a person's application that person can start acting as a courier - every trip will count towards a Reliability Index (see the Reliability Index section to better understand the calculation). If you drive daily from Noordhoek to the City Bowl why not courier a few packages to pay for your fuel? This way this company offers communities an efficient way of moving packages cheaply, quickly and more efficiently between a variety of destinations without duplicating resources.

Besides the daily tasks of running this online platform interns will be required to document their recommendations to the developers in a bid to assist shaping the final product. The interns will gain a strong
knowledge of the current workings of the logistics industry and will be required to investigate what the future of the industry might look like - and which parts the courier will need to incorporate in their platform. Interns will carry out a variety of business processes and learn a lot about a start up company. Interns will be working in a very vibrant environment.