This company, located in the Southern Life Building in Cape Town city centre, is headed by Mr Paul. Company’s main objective is facilitating the participation of businesses in the mainstream of the economy by forming joint ventures with other companies and stake holders. Company’s business concept is to bring companies together to meet special needs, or requirements. Company's first step is to identify the skills needed in a certain project and to find the companies that can fulfill those requirements. This company has a strong commitment in developing businesses of the previously disadvantaged groups, thereby focusing on bringing in local “black” companies. Apart from being the Chief Executive Officer of this company, Mr Paul holds the Chairmanships of several of other companies in Cape Town as well as Directorships and Executive membership positions.

- Assist in facilitating and interfacing with businesses participation in the mainstream of the economy by forming joint ventures
- Finding co-operative business partners within SADC regions.
- Creating a variety of applications for financial business assistance.
- Undertaking procedures and review processes to determine actions required to resolve issues.
- Assistance in market research and statistics
- Assist in finding comprehensive management services.
- You will also have the opportunity to gain an insight into other companies headed by Mr Paul, so this internship will give you an excellent all round perspective in your field.