This company (Pty) Ltd started in 1998 in Cape Town, and was taken over by Paul in 2005. Since 2005 the business now known as company Contract House has up scaled their operations model and service delivery of modern contracting services to corporate in South Africa to provide the best pool of high calibre and committed contractors in the country. Excellence in recruitment, contractor compensation using Paul's excellent ECS system, service delivery management and long term client relationships are the foundation of the company Contract House's success. Based in the most beautiful city in the world the company attracts the best possible talent from around the world into Cape Town's vibrant ICT sector. The company Contract House was created as an entity to house the core contracting competencies of company Pty Ltd, Paul into this new entity, and Outsource Consult International structures, to form a pure contracting organization (originating in 1998). The company philosophy has always been about exceptional client service, innovation and encompassed everything the cutting edge, high growth business looks for in consulting skills and services.
The company Contract House is now dedicated to the mission of providing clients, through personalized service and effective and efficient processes, world leading cost effective and flexible contracting systems, and access to top quality value-adding consulting skills that provides results cheaper, quicker and more efficiently than the LRA or costly master servant relationship. Like all brilliant ideas, the company contracting solutions is simple and predicated on strong, basic logic, professionalism, experience and systems. The increasing legislation around resourcing created a need for a system whereby clients could be assured of a cost effective means of securing top end consulting skills in various fields. The company was born through this need and to provide a truly South African service, became fully BEE compliant in 2003. The company is a trusted, professional and experienced resource for contracting advice and services.

The company take on interns in Business Administration, Web Marketing and recruitment to work in their offices in Table View. As a recruitment student you will work on recruitment campaigns using web marketing techniques. You will also assist with selection processes and all other daily tasks associated with a recruitment firm. The intern will also work independently on their own projects according to their skills and interests. A Business Administration student will work on a complex sophisticated business case that needs to be analysed, planned, developed and rolled out. This involves remodeling and re-launching the operations of an already unique business that provides skills to the market outside the traditional labor market.