This company is an organization established in 2007 and funded by large companies and business leaders who are focused on sustainable economic growth of Cape Town in particular. These leaders
came together with the common concern over the pace and direction of change in the Cape. They agreed that a common long-term vision and future strategy were needed for the region, and that “big business” should play a leading role in developing and implementing them. Many of company’s principles are contained in one of their programmes.  Many of their members are banks and finance institutions, who have vested economic interests in the growth of Cape Town. The company is aimed at developing and implementing a long-term vision for sustainable, inclusive economic growth and works on mobilizing the combined expertise, influence and enthusiasm of its members to deliver long term socio-economic growth for the Cape region. Company’s activities are focused on four key areas, i.e. thought leadership, networking, influencing and mobilizing. It places particular emphasis on taking action and encouraging others to take action in order to achieve our vision.

An intern doing an internship with this company would work very closely with the CEO Paul and have a lot of interaction with the partners and members. Accelerate would provide an environment where 'live' business and economic development/regional socio-political issues and challenges are addressed and ass the representative if around 50 large corporate the internship offers a very compelling environment. This internship is a fantastic opportunity as you will get a brilliant insight into financial platforms in Cape Town and the ramifications that economics and business have on sustainable growth. Your work would involve research with private companies, government organizations such as WESGRO etc and dealings with other Business initiatives.