This institution is a world-renowned, one-stop research facility that generates cutting-edge technology for the South African deciduous fruit, grape, wine and brandy industries. It renders a need-driven service through leading and dynamic research, technology development and technology transfer, so ensuring economic viability and growth of these industries. The research at Biotechnology is divided into two programs:

1. Genetics and Interactions of Host and Pathogens (Identification and isolation of resistance and commercially important genes, molecular based pathogen detection methods)
2. Genetic Improvement of Plants Through Molecular Breeding (Molecular and In Vitro Breeding, Mass Propagation and DNA Fingerprinting)

As an intern working with this institution, you will be working in the Biotechnology department. Your tasks will be varied and numerous, and amongst other projects, you will be involved in DNA Fingerprinting
and genetics, working with one of the top experts in this field. You will be involved with client collaboration, and serving as an important contributor on this dynamic team. This internship will serve as a fantastic opportunity to broaden your horizons in the field of Biotechnology, and will give you a solid grounding for the expansion of your knowledge in this field.