This company was founded by a leading team of scientists and is backed by a solid team of business advisers. They are applying their proprietary technology to the discovery of novel pharmaceutical compounds from nature. Their process relies heavily on the diversity of microbes-fungi, bacteria, and algae-found in previously unexplored regions around the world. This company is also applying their expertise in microbial fermentation to produce known compounds from difficult-to-culture microbes. Their vision is to develop and employ innovative technologies that enable significant improvements in the process of bio-pharmaceutical discovery and development.

As an intern working in companys Life Sciences, you would be mostly involved in work and research on antibiotics aimed at fighting cancer. Moreover, you will also be exposed to all existing projects
and work that this company is currently busy on, and will be expected to contribute to future orientated projects. An internship with this company will provide you with ample opportunity to use your existing skills as well as develop new foundations and gain new experiences. You will be accountable to the manager, which will involve reporting back regularly, completing tasks timorously, maintaining a positive company  image and arriving at work and meetings punctually and well prepared. This company will do their best to ensure that an internship with them is a successful and enjoyable one where every effort is made to meet your needs and requirements.