This institution was established with venture capital funding in July 2011 by spinning off all bioreactor and bioprocess related intellectual property from its parent company, with the express purpose of taking its proprietary bioreactor technology, the Bioreactor to market. This institution currently employs 10 people, including engineers and scientists. The parent company was established in 2003 to manufacture and commercialise natural products produced for the biopharma market using proprietary bioreactor technology and to provide related products and services. Since then, the company has grown into a diversified biotechnology and bioservices firm, identifying and exploiting growth opportunities in areas related to its original mission. Today, the company employs over 40 people, mostly scientists focused on providing a wide range of bioanalytical services to the global biopharma industry and specialist diagnostic tests to local clinicians.

- Support ongoing bioreactor and bioprocess research, development and validation. Reports to Senior Scientist, Technical R&D Unit.
- Research and development of a novel mammalian cell culture bioreactor and bioprocess for the biopharma industry.
- Finalization of the institution Microbial benchtop bioreactor system design and manufacture to a commercial, regulatory approved product for the biotech industry. Current objectives include extensive testing and validation of the company process control software. Data generated from the company cultivation's using different bacterial and fungal strains is used to create new application notes demonstrating the institution operation and productivity.
- Mammalian cell culture growth, viability and toxicity studies for new bioreactor materials. Material stability testing, including chemical extractables / leachables / particulates resulting from manufacturing and sterilization.
- Stress indicator studies: effect of growth conditions on cell morphology, viability and productivity. Benchmark studies: comparison of different flask/bioreactor cultivations
- Biofilm growth and productivity studies demonstrating range of institution cultivations
- Support work overflow from microbial, cell culture or engineering projects as needed.
- Learn to cultivate different bacterial, fungal and/or mammalian cell lines.
- Execute growth & viability kinetic studies, enzyme and biochemical assays as required.
- Prepare growth medium, buffers and reagents.
- Evaluate and implement new institution technical applications and procedures as needed.