This office was established to develop, manufacture and market cardiac-related medical devices that addresses the need of up to 75 million Rheumatic Heart Disease patients worldwide. It is their mission to make life-saving, cost-effective cardiac devices and deployment systems available to sufferers of heart disease in predominantly young patients in developing countries. The founders of this office are internationally renowned experts in both medical device development and their surgical implantation. This office is a start-up with support from the University of Cape Town. Its concepts have evolved from research done at the University and the pioneering Chris Barnard Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Groote Schuur Hospital. Since access to cardiac surgery is limited in these countries, it is crucial that office’s treatments for heart valve diseases are not reliant on the specialised infrastructure needed to perform open-heart surgery. Solutions to heart valve diseases are deployed through two main products. This includes the Deployment Device which is designed to deploy a crimped heart valve without occluding the flow of blood in a beating heart. The product is designed to eliminate the need to rapid pace the heart during deployment of the valve. This product does not require open heart surgery and eliminates the need for a heart-lung machine. The other product is the Synthetic Heart Valve which is designed to allow cost-effective mass-production. This device is mostly intended for use in very young patients and will help to extend their longevity. It will eliminate the need for continuous anti-coagulation medication. This office is engaged in the Mitral Clip and Heart Valve product development. 

This internship would be perfect for a student of Biotechnology or Biomedical Engineering/Technology who is interested in working on heart valves. You will be based in the Cape Heart Centre and work alongside top internationally renowned experts who are pioneers in their fields. The devices you will be working on will include both aortic and mitral and your work areas will be both research based and practical applications based. Each intern will be individually supervised and assisted throughout their internship to ensure they receive maximum exposure and have the opportunity to apply their gained skills while building up experience.