Located Cape Town also with an office in Johannesburg, this company was founded in 1999 with the idea that the dormant potential of the vast number of customers going through the retailers doors, can be converted into hard sales. In the same way a radio station's assets are vested largely on the amount of listeners, a retailer also has a large number of 'listeners' in its customers. The company therefore decided to offer their services to shops by marketing products to the clients once they are in the store in the various ways, eg by promoting baked goods as they come from the oven, with the smell of hot bread still fresh in the air. To date, the company is broadcasting in seven countries and in 14 languages. With more than 1 200 customers from categories as diverse as non-foods, foods, hardware, alcohol, municipal services, cellular services and many more, their analytically approach to the in-store broadcasting medium has made the company, not only the largest, but also the most profitable in-store broadcaster in Africa for three years in a row. Their vision to grow is based on their ability to grow with their existing clients, by convincing retailers to use this company for the growth of both parties.

This company is offering internships in the field of Accounting, Retail, Marketing, Human Resources, Media, design Electrical Engineering, Technical work and Broadcasting. As a Retail, Marketing, Media, design or Broadcasting student, you will assist with Marketing, Retail, Strategies , program production and/or with sales and advertising. As an Electrical Engineering or Technical student, you will be given a project based on in store communication and related technologies. You will be exposed to a variety of Engineering principles and techniques and will have ample opportunity to expand your horizons. As a Human Resource student you will be based in the HR department. You will work with HR policies and strategies that focus on all aspects as well as intercompany staff training and development amongst many other tasks. This company always has projects on the go as well in HR, ones that are currently available are as follows:
- Developing a training program in line with the Skills Development Act and combining it to the performance management system of the company. It will be crucial to develop a training needs analysis tool in order to ensure that the training needs are addressed effectively.
- Design of a 360 degree Competency assessment and implementation thereof. The assessment will become a biannual event.
- Digital Media/Information Design students will be involved in the following tasks: Client Presentations / Client Correspondence Artwork for In-Store Media Campaigns  / Radio Retail & Store View Advertising Material Office & Vehicle Branding Digital Campaign Artwork and Templates

• Good written and spoken English
• You should preferably have experience in this field, and be studying towards a degree in HR, Retail, Marketing, Engineering,
Graphic or Information Design, Media or related studies.
• Will need to be an energetic person with strong creative, communication and organisational skills.
• You will also need to be highly motivated and able to work as part of a dynamic team and contribute to present
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