This office create buildings and make places which meet the real needs of their clients and the building’s users and that show our care for the environment, both built and natural. They pride themselves on sticking to clients budgets and deriving the most architecture from the budget and have a real love for both contemporary and historical/vernacular buildings. As architects they believe that there is no end to learning and feel architects have a critical role to play in sustaining human life on this planet through environmentally conscious and energy efficient sustainable design. This office prefer to use passive energy systems wherever possible. They have broad knowledge of energy efficient solutions. Paul is an officially recognised 'Competent Person' in terms of implementation of the latest National Building Regulations Energy Efficiency requirements - SANS10400 -XA and SANS 204. Both  have extensive experience with Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) processes. SDKS-Architects are Heritage conscious and endeavor where possible to do justice to historical buildings, artifacts and environments whilst being mindful of contemporary requirements. They have broad experience working with historical buildings and in historical environments. Katrin is a Heritage Practitioner registered as an accredited member of the Association of Professional Heritage Practitioners (APHP). They also welcome all opportunities to engage in projects that endeavor to uplift communities and see teamwork as essential to the success of any project. They have a broad network of dedicated professionals, consultants and contractors that they work with and tailor their projects teams and staff to suit the requirements of each project.

Internship Description
Architecture interns will receive world class exposure in their field under the training of Architects Paul and Katrin. An internship with thos office is particularly well suited to a design and heritage internship; design at all levels of heritage intervention, from conception to detail, as well as heritage research work. You would have the opportunity to be involved in the following projects amongst others: 
-With a longstanding heritage project with a community organization in Paarl, for whom they are imminently beginning design work for a third ‘Lotto” application – their two previous lotto applications have been successful, and have resulted in the  Community Project
-During the period from June 1st till year end, the office will be completing construction on an interesting contemporary expansion to a gorgeous 1890 - 1920’s ‘Cape Arts and Crafts” building. (House “Elwyngor”)
-They will be working on the publication of at least one, or possibly two academic papers covering the architectural development of small houses for poorer people in Cape Town during the period 1800 – 1914. This is an area of research that has previously been little explored. They have already assembled a large data base, which needs to be refined and extracted from for publication and an intern could also assist with this.