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It was established in 1999 as a community-based organisation and is located in Cape Town in a township called Lower Crossroads. It is one of three brunches throughout Africa. Our main purpose is to bring hope to children and families.  The organisation is divided into three programmes. Community Support Programme: This is the program that supports children and families directly, by running a children’s home and by helping to provide a children’s HIV clinic within the community. They aim to meet the physical, emotional, reunification, educational and recreational needs of children in their centre.  Community Development Programs: This Program aims to build skills and networks within the community, by running life skills and leadership skills for young people, providing information and referrals to families, such as social work services, parenting courses, a resource centre and networking with community based organisations. Organisational Support Program: This Program supports their services to children and families through Finance, Facilities, and Fundraising

This position very diverse in that it ranges from meeting visitors, planning events, writing articles, researching on the internet, talking to prospective sponsors, interacting with staff, connecting with their friends on social media etc. You can also work with  figures if you are keen with numbers and get involved in several other areas in which the organisation takes on interns.  Your standard tasks amongst others will include the following, all other project work will be discussed according to each intern application
-Assisting and coordination events
-Desktop research for fundraising information /leads
-Approaching prospective companies and cooperates through telephone and email.
-Using social networking tools to promote
-Research on new ideas and best practices in the field, ie Market research
-Preparing drafts for articles and proposals and reports