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Established in 1924, this School for the Blind caters for visually handicapped learners from historically disadvantaged communities. This establishment is primarily reserved for learners with visual impairment as a primary disability but they may also have other disabilities such as autism or neurological degenerative diseases. The school has students from Pre-school to Grade 12 and also offers post-graduates courses. This School offers many different bridging courses for the students to make them as independent as possible. There are currently 300 learners and 36 teachers as well as 3 Occupational Therapists, 2 School Psychologists, 2 Nurses and then another 30 general staff members. They offer the following programmes to learners:
- Psychological Services Support Programme: Provision of therapeutic, remedial and educational support for learners and parents. The service functions as part of a multi-disciplinary team which involves interactive assessment, conflict facilitation and resolution, problem solving techniques and facilitation
- Occupational Therapy: Provides occupational therapy in accordance with the practice and code of conduct of this profession. Motor sensory assessment, occupational assessment, visual accuracy assessment, fine motor skills assessment, basic mental assessment/intervention, kinaesthetic assessment/intervention.
- Nursing Clinical Service Support Programme: Provides clinical and medical support for the treatment of learners at the school clinic and responsible for referrals to hospitals for specialized treatment. Organise medical consultation at hospitals and clinics.

This school is offering internships/ volunteering work in various fields. Students in education, social services, psychology, occupational therapy, marketing would work in close conjunction with the staff members to ensure the continued development of the learners. Agricultural students would assist the staff members in getting the Market Garden project off the ground and provide ideas and disciplines to ensure that it becomes a financially viable project that can also supply the hostels. Music students would teach the learners in any musical discipline, there is a fully equipped band with various instruments. Marketing and fundraising students would be involved in fundraising for the school as this is the main source of income. As an intern you will need to be energetic, disciplined and driven to face the daily challenges that arise in this environment. An internship with this school for the Blind will prove to be both challenging and rewarding as there are a lot of new developments taking place to ensure that the institution continues to provide an irreplaceable service to both the local community and the students.