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This is one of the largest Colleges in Cape Town.  This college aims to produce graduates who can communicate effectively in academic, social and business settings. They offer many varied language course options and services and can also tailor these to meet each student’s needs and requirements. The school offers free internet access for all students and provides comprehensive support and assistance with accommodation and travel planning! They are committed to being the best language college in Africa and are proud of the high standards of quality and the service they offer to students. At the college the students experience diverse cultures, friendly people and affordable, quality education. Each week, they organize evening activities that include social, cultural and informative outings and on weekends, tours around Cape Town and outdoor activities are planned. These include weekends away, hiking, cycling, camping and river rafting and all students are welcome to attend. the college welcomes the students at Cape Town International Airport and also gives them advice on which airlines fly directly to Cape Town. For local travel, the college is within easy walking distances of many travel agencies, so planning a holiday within South Africa is easy. Suitable accommodation is arranged at reasonable prices from hotels and lodges to backpackers and home stay accommodation.

As an intern working with the college, you will be involved in either Event Organizing, Educational activities or Marketing and various marketing related procedures. Moreover, you will also be required to assist the school in PR activities aimed at promoting the school and looking after the students. You will also assist in working out activities for students, marketing these activities to the students, booking them and accompanying them on the outings. The friendly staff at the college will ensure that you feel welcomed as part of the team and will assist you in anyway they can to ensure that you get the most out of your internship.