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This company manufacture sintered components, including sprockets, bearings and filters, for automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and the auto aftermarket business. They also produce parts for customers in
other selected industries, including mining and security, and are involved in Conventional P/M manufacturing. Today, This company is the world's leading producer of powder metal (P/M) components and have more than 7,500 employees worldwide. The company's integrated team of Sales, Technology, and Manufacturing professionals work with customers from small, local companies whose needs cover a range of general industry applications to large, global automotive customers having very specific and demanding application requirements to provide personal service and optimal support.

This company has embarked on an improvement program called Lean Enterprise, in which an intern will be involved. This involves training employees and implementing systems to reduce waste, costs and time.
• 5S
• Visual Management and Value Stream Mapping
• Cellular Manufacturing
• Autonomous Maintenance, Kanban etc
• Organise and run Kaizan events (i.e. train employees and implement the above topics)
• Use Value Stream Mapping to create flow of product through the factory.
• Facilitate Continuous Improvement Team meetings
• Create a structure to sustain improvements