Testimonials van programmadeelnemers

I am falling out of the classical Magister profile - nevertheless, I have felt very well in this very young dynamic community. When I'm my age, I have to admit that my English skills were not up to date to say the least - on the job market today. So I decided to complete a six-week English course at Magister in Cape Town at the language school Cape Studies. Not only did I improve my English, but I was also able to enjoy the benefits of the Magister Commune. I liked the weekly meetings best: a boat trip to the sundowner here, a traditional evening in the Town Ship there. There was always something offered and I just needed to find out what was interesting to me. And believe me, there was a lot here. Finally, I can say that Magister has given me a prolonged vacation and I have improved my English as if by the way. Thank you for this truly indescribable experience in the Mother City!


The completion of my internship in Cape Town was great. It really was a perfect fit, from the placement of the internship, the organized inexpensive language course to the internship itself. The people in the selected NGO are super friendly and have made me really do everything. The experience of my internship abroad was unique and I will definitely come back. Thank you for everything.


I have no words to explain the great experience I had in Cape Town. I decided to contact Magister South Africa, because it is not the same to travel to such an amazing country on your own or being sure you will be with other young students with same interest as you. It was one of the best decisions I took in my life! Today I still dream about those amazing days. Everything has something special, Table Mountain, white sandy beaches, people, food, parties, etc. I wanna enjoy all of them again! The organization of the activities, team of Magister, the people I met and the internship were stunning. I made really good friends with whom I will keep in touch a lifelong! If I had time, I would enjoy a Magister experience again! 100% recommended. It’s a new experience for people that love to be in touch with the African culture, make new friends, improve the CV and enjoy. Special Thanks to Henry @ Magister for that opportunity!


First, things are different and .... - I just quite easily got a job organized in South Africa. Then it was said for me, I also need a room; and that was not so easy from a distance! On this way I came to Magister. There is nothing better than arriving in a foreign country and knowing that you do not descend indefinitely in YouthHostel. Magister organized my first accommodation in Cape Town for me and also picked me up from the airport. Best of all, Magister allowed me to attend weekly meetings and weekend trips. So I had a perfect combination of work and South Africa experience. I could not dream of a warmer start - the first weekend with a group of very interesting people to one of the most beautiful beaches in the Cape Town area. And to whom do I owe it? The Magister team - who were always there for me during my entire stay - be it with advice on buying a car, insurance or just a beer together. I miss you!


Greetz Magister Team specifically Kiki, I am sorry that I am only now answering. Being back in D is so funny. - unfortunately my combi broke down after a few days! Now a short feedback about my internship in Cape Town. Since I had not started immediately after my arrival with the internship, I was initially able to do organizational work and settle down a little. The time, I found, but was also necessary to just start in peace with the internship. After I had already introduced myself to my company the week before the start of the internship, the internship was supposed to start. At the same time I was able to get an insight into the business plan of the company startup and adapt it to the ideas of my boss. In addition, I was assigned a project theme - Search Engine Optimization / Marketing - to which I was allowed to give my first presentation this week. I think that during my internship I definitely got to know a lot about the topic that was assigned to me, but also that I could improve my English a lot. Thank you once again for your help!


For a long time it has been clear to me that I am allowed to complete a study internship abroad. If you have to, why not do it in one of the most beautiful places in the world? Cape Town is definitely one of them! So I turned to Magister South Africa. Had the tip of a fellow student. I was faster in Cape Town than I could have imagined! My request was processed within a short time and after I had completed all formalities with the support of Magister - I just had to fly and could start after a short settling time my internship at a tour operator! The Magister team has been there for me on the spot: airport transfer upon arrival, key collection for my new apartment (completely furnished and very comfortable!), My new SIM mobile phone card and the warm welcome to the Magister community. I felt right at home from the first moment. I did not miss anything but nothing at all. Ok, I had to work after all - but even that was a joke and in the end I had to start again melancholy to my studies in Germany ...


From my first chat with Henry  I knew that Magister and South Africa was exactly what I was looking for – a Cape Town internship experience in which I could not only learn a lot and gain professional experience but also in a place full of culture, history and adventure that I could explore. Professionally, I couldn't have been more pleased with the my internship placement – as it was spot-on my interests and how professional yet easy-going the placement process was. Henry and Nicky and Miriam are so helpful and always around to make your life more easy no matter what your question is – they've turned into quite the travel guides and have a wealth of knowledge of the area. I learned more than I could hope for and made a wonderful work-family over in Cape Town that has left the door open for future employment. If you are looking to gain great experience in your field and to explore a wonderful place then this is it. Hands down. Get on the phone, book your tickets and pack your bags.


You can rely on Magister-South Africa! On the Mother City too ... study time - best time! I could not have imagined a better internship. The chosen host company in Cape Town has exactly covered my major fields of study and I was able to get into the workflow very well! Especially an internship in English is an enrichment for my CV! And the Magister meetings - they were an enrichment for my everyday life in Cape Town. Always something new to discover, to experience and to see! A formative and unforgettable time - I'll be back !!


I spent two months this summer living and working in Cape Town, all arranged by Magister. I got in at 11pm, and immediately was picked up from the airport, given a South African sim card and taken to prearrange housing. As soon as I got to my flat, it felt like home. My flat mates were incredibly friendly, helped me get set up, and introduced me to the other interns. The next day, my first day in Cape Town, we went surfing, had lunch as a group, and then I was invited to another intern's flat to watch movies. Those first few days were indicative of how my stay in South Africa would be. There was never a dull moment, there were always new people to meet, things to do, new places to see. Magister helped introduce me to life in Cape Town from the night I got off the aeroplane to the day I boarded a bus to Namibia. It is a great program that creates a strong community and I would without hesitation recommend it to anyone considering living or working in Cape Town.


About the service and contact with Magister?
»Magister is a very good organisation. I am very satisfied with their service and contact. I didn’t have any problems during my stay, but every time I saw Nicky she told me to contact her if I had any questions or problems. It was good to have someone who showed me around the first day, so you have an idea of your surroundings, any shops around so you can do your shopping’s. And a contact person if you need any help. Very good.
All compliments to Nicky and the students who organised activities!

»Very good, Nicky brought me and another student the first day to our internship company. And she is so nice!!!!! Really helpful and she said that we can always call her no matter what. Further me and my roomies from YPO didn’t do a lot with Magister because we already knew a lot of people here and we wanted to explore Cape Town by ourselves. But they really do a lot of fun things!

How were the practical arrangements managed such as accommodation etc.?
»The house was a very good one!!! Very clean and large bedrooms with a double bed or a single bed. When we arrived the lady of the house was still waiting for us because we had a delay. She explained everything very good and she is a very kind women. Further were the sim cards for the phone, someone from Magister brought that to the house and after that she explained some things from Cape Town, like which cab you should use or were to go or were not to go. I didn’t experience bad things with the arrangement of things.

»Ik ben heel tevreden over Magister. De eerste ontmoeting met Nicky voelde aan alsof ik haar al jaren kende. Ik wist meteen dat als er iets mocht gebeuren, ik altijd terug kon vallen op Nicky. Het was gelukkig niet nodig geweest, maar het geeft wel een geruststellend gevoel als er een soort van tweede moeder in Kaapstad woont. Als ik de volgende keer naar Kaapstad zou gaan, zou ik geen gebruik meer maken van Magister omdat je nu simpelweg zelf een netwerk hebt opgebouwd en weet hoe dingen werken. Maar voor alle studenten die voor de eerste keer gaan zou ik het zeer zeker aanraden. Je komt snel met mensen in contact, er worden leuke activiteiten georganiseerd, vervoer vanaf het vliegveld etc. Het bespaart een hele hoop tijd en stress.

»The service from Magister was perfect. Nicky was always able to help with everything. When I was in South Africa I felt safe because I knew that when something would happen, Nicky was always there for me.

»Nicky is absolutely amazing and she was always there for us, whether the issue was positive or negative. She helped us with everything and she is totally awesome. The service was good.  

People and Business Management Students
»Nicky is the best and she was always there when I needed her. Everybody will definitely miss her. Nicky is fantastisch.

»Je kon haar bij wijze van spreken uit bed bellen midden in de nacht als je ergens mee zat. Ook haar wil ik heel erg bedanken voor het regelen van mijn 2e stageplaats. Daarnaast was de huisvesting etc ook heel goed geregeld.

»Beforehand I was wondering if I should pay a conciliation company since you hear a lot of bad stories about them. But Magister is simply great. Nicky van Dyk is one of the most wonderful persons I have ever met, she is always willing to help and you can always reach her. She’s not only for arranging your internship and a house to stay, but she wants your time in South Africa to be great. Besides that she also just likes to talk to you and get to know you.

»Magister heeft huisvesting, stage en vervoer goed geregeld en ik had geregeld contact met Nicky die er ook echt voor mij is geweest en interesse toonde in alle studenten en de dingen die we daar deden en eventueel organiseerden. Ook werden er regelmatig uitstapjes verzocht, maar dat mocht wel wat meer vond ik ook al deden we vanuit ons zelf al genoeg leuke dingen!

»Service of Magister is excellent The service and contact with Magister is really good The service Magister offered was great, the events were very nice! Also Nicky was a heart-warming person who tried her very best for the students.

Group evaluation Feb July 2015

I recently returned home from 20 weeks in Cape Town. And Magister requested to write something. I had no idea what to expect upon arriving but was comforted knowing that Magister had set up living and work arrangements. While it was quite shocking at first, Cape Town felt like home after two weeks.  Most exciting and fun 20 weeks of my life. And I learned a lot at my internship in venture capital as well. If you want to do something off the beaten path, pick Cape Town. I can’t imagine a type of person that wouldn’t fall in love with the city quickly. The people I met and the contacts I made were all incredible. Can’t imagine a better place and way to spend a semester or summer or however much time you have to spend. The more the better.  Cheers and good luck.


When I made the decision to go to Cape Town, I had no idea how I should get a serious internship as well as an apartment. First of all, I did not want to resort to a recruitment agency and try to get myself an internship. However, the search turned out to be more difficult than expected. After several weeks of daily Internet surfing, I threw in the towel and looked at various placement placements. Magister stung me straight in the eye, on the one hand because of the favorable agency fee as well as by the serious appearance and the professional handling of the request. At that time I had no idea that I would have so much fun with Magister!

Especially important to me was the airport transport and the organization of a proper apartment, because I did not want to go after 12 hours of flight through an unknown city in an uncertain housing situation. I fell in love with the city immediately, how could you not?

I had immediate access to other Magister students, because we lived together in a beautiful house in a central location. I met a lot of great people here, madness. The meetings I have gone so far as everyone went, as it was always something new, which I would not have done alone and what you sometimes can not find in Europe, such as. Township Evenings, Sundowner Cruise or Go Karting. The weekends were always a lot of fun and we grazed the great surroundings of Cape Town. For me that was optimal, because I unfortunately counted to one of those who had no time for a major tour in the Kruger or in the Drakensberg. That's how I saw a lot and had even more fun and that for little money. Perfect.

My internship was an absolute success. My colleagues welcomed me immediately and I never felt like the "little intern". The tasks assigned to me were demanding and suited my studies perfectly. I learned a lot during my internship. I still have contact with some of my colleagues today.

As soon as I put some money aside, I'll come back to Cape Town, that's for sure.

To sum up, I had an unforgettable time in Cape Town, met great people, gained incredible impressions. My tip to all those who are thinking about coming to Cape Town - do it! Everything was not a problem with Magister.


I found Magister and a SA internship by chance via the internet, I didn't know at all this country and this city before (but I like adventure) and I was so surprised ! The best trip of my life (for now) with so good friends that i still meet in Europe. Even the internship was ok, an experience that i can't get in Europe for sure. If you like nature, animals, parties and a lot of fun: GO FOR IT !!!


I do live very close to the German border, and I do speak German. Luckily!!!! got across of Magister by previous Germans. Don’t understand why Netherlands doesn’t have the same kind of organisation, representing South Africa. Anyway glad being here, no hassle no worries, hakuna matata (love movies). Magister is on the ball all the time, without them I would at least miss the braais and surfing stuff.


Magister organized a internship for me, working in a Sea Point school in Cape Town. I taught sex education and AIDS awareness in the high school and held some one-on-one English literacy sessions It was undoubtedly the most challenging and satisfying work I’ve done in my life. The things the kids came out with were hilarious, or shocking, or sometimes very touching. On the whole it made me see Cape Town from a very different perspective. I became good friends with my co-workers at the school. The guys I lived with in Perspectives were amazing. Magister equips you with a fantastic work and social life so you’re confident to go out and embrace South Africa!


My internship in Cape Town felt like experiencing a lifetime in just 5 months. Magister South Africa is an organisation completely focused on the welfare of the students which made my experience unforgettable. The internship and activities arranged by magister as well as the cultural differences between South Africa and Europe made my internship period extremely helpful for my future career, bringing me interesting insights in human resource management in terms of diversity and culture. Although the internship was very important for me, at the same time there was a lot of fun, parties, activities, trips, etc. which resulted in amazing experiences and definitely friendships for life! I would recommend this amazing experience to every student who wants to do an internship abroad!


The most positive experience of the program was the partnership with Magister. Magister has helped me get settled in the first weeks and has provided me with help when necessary, organized many social events and gave me a solid basis of social contacts which made me feel right at home

Zuyd University

Nicky van Dyk became a friend. In the beginning we only met for necessary things like our first day of the internship or problems with our landlord. Later we did nice things together like hiking and braaiing. She is the loveliest person I’ve met in my life, she is exactly a supervisor that Magister needs

Zuyd university

Service of Magister is excellent and deserves a 10+. Nicky was the one from Magister who was in touch with us all the time. When we had question, problems, difficulties we could always contact here! She invited us as students several times at her house for a braai and to swim. Besides those things Magister also had a Facebook page for all the interns and they organised every week a lot of activities and house parties. In the beginning I met really fast a lot of new people through Magister! Also Nicky invited Magister students to go with here for a hike or other nice things.

Summary: Service was great, fantastic, couldn’t be better, deserves a 10 plus

Zuyd University

Why does not everyone do this ?? I wondered about that when I was in Cape Town. Overlooking the ocean during a braai with all international students and Table Mountain in the background. It was so easy to get an interesting internship, shelter, new people you want to get to know and have the time of your life! I did an internship as a psychologist at a school for physically disabled children from the townships. A huge experience because you normally do not get in touch with these kids so quickly. I lived in the school with children who could not live at home. On weekends and during the week I was happy to go into Cape Town and speak to all students. I praised that I had chosen Magister because you could easily get to know a new group of people who, like you, would end up in another part of the world for the first time and would like to have a good time there. The organized activities were great, it was the most active time in my life such as surfing, climbing, weekend trips, whale canoeing, music festival in the middle of nature, walking between the penguins or just lying on the beach. Different things every week. I think the most important thing of an organization like this is that you do not end up on your own. They are your back-up when something goes wrong and provide contacts. If you doubt whether this is for you ... go for it! If I could I would go again ..


Part of my technical studies was to complete an internship of at least 22 weeks. I wanted to combine the pleasant with the useful and had therefore chosen Cape Town in faraway South Africa. Since it is not easy to find an internship in my area on my own, I had commissioned Magister. I was able to quickly pick an exciting job. Everything worked quickly and professionally. My stay was well prepared. I was assigned a nice room in an international shared flat. Many events and activities were offered. And there was always someone there who was there to help and advise. I would like to thank you again for everything.


Daaaaaankeschön !!!!!!!!!!!!! So much praise to Magister! It was really great time and always exciting! My personal highlight: of course the kayak trip in Hermanus for whale watching! Really a mad feeling to be so close to the animals and not on such a stinky speedboat! And then the great dinner of Henry !!!! LEKKER, LEKKER, LEKKER! And of course the weekly events were great! there you could exchange with all, even if it was almost all German J! Oh and not to forget, the internship was of course great! So keep it up !!!!!!


Contactgegevens van Magister Zuid-Afrika in de buurt van Stellenbosch

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