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The Environmental Institute is located within the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of the Western Cape. The institute functions as an independent Unit within the faculty. The institute has a 32 ha nature reserve and an indigenous nursery on campus. The institute’s main operations are the management of the veld and propagation of indigenous plants in the nursery. They also do some outreach to schools and community projects. The reserve falls within the Science department, thus supporting some of the practical work and research done by the students. The staff component consists of a horticulturist, educationist, nature conservator, conservation student, two workers and the coordinator. The institute is fast establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with in the fields of environmental education, indigenous greening and nature conservation. In 1990,The institute, incorporating the Cape Flats Nature Reserve and the Nursery was established. The institute has focused, over the years, on developing a successful environmental education programme, a chief component of which, has been the development of resources. The comprehensive resource collection on topical issues in the environmental field is updated regularly, so that the staff may stay informed of developments. This collection also provides students and educators with relevant materials for research. The Cultivation Complex (or Nursery), completed in 1980, has a proud history of upgrading school grounds and community landscapes through greening with indigenous plants. The Nursery of the The institute, fulfills the invaluable role of promoting the indigenous flora of the Cape Flats to communities who live there.

Location: 20 minutes Cape Town City Centre
Car required: preferable
Dress code: Casual

to participate as a fully functioning member of the team and assist with projects that the institute is busy with at the time.
Assist with the management of the veld and propagation of indigenous plants in the nursery and will definitely get your hands dirty.
Involved in Marketing and communication tasks related to the reserve and carry out research according to the projects that are happening at the time. Be involved in the Science department in conservation and educational aspects. 

A background in Conservation/Environmental Management or Horticulture
Previous work experience preferred
Enjoy team work and would like to make a significant contribution to the institute


Ref: 1302

Established in March 2004,this Environmental (Pty) Ltd is a firm of dynamic environmental consultants that provides a broad range of environmental consulting services to the private and public sector. This Environmental company recognizes the many development challenges facing South Africa and the rest of the African subcontinent and the notion of sustainable development, which espouses the need for development to be socially, ecologically and economically sustainable. The company's vision is to become the preferred environmental service provider to a range of clients in the private and public sectors. This Environmental company offers a variety of services, at both management and specialist level, which range from Environmental Impact Assessments to complex Environmental Management Systems. Their consulting services also include Road, water and sewage infrastructure, River and wetland management and improvement; Oil and gas exploration and production and many other areas. The company has an excellent working relationship with the public sector with proven experience in public participation and prides themselves on a very highly professional experienced staff. This Environmental company also operates a quality system for all projects that are undertaken and all procedures are continuously reviewed and updated.

Location: Cape Town city centre
Car required: No
Dress code: Semi-casual

Fields of Environmental consulting and Engineering. Depending on the projects they are busy on at the time and university requirements you will be integrated into a project team and receive exposure to planning stages through to carrying out of projects.  

A background in Environmental Management, Consulting or Engineering or a related field
Hardworking, motivated all rounder individual
Enjoy team work and would like to make a significant contribution to the company.
Some previous project, internship or work experience preferred


Ref: 1303

This network for Sustainability is the world's leading association of cities and local governments dedicated to sustainable development. This network is a powerful movement of 12 mega-cities, 100 super-cities and urban regions, 450 large cities as well as 450 small and medium-sized cities and towns in 84 countries. This network promotes local action for global sustainability and supports cities to become sustainable, resilient, resource efficient, bio-diverse, low-carbon; to build a smart infrastructure; and to develop an inclusive, green urban economy. The ultimate aim is to achieve healthy and happy communities. We have developed stable, long-term programs to support local-level sustainability and continue to develop innovative new programs to respond to issues of international concern. The Council was established when more than 200 local governments from 43 countries convened at our inaugural conference, the World Congress of Local Governments for a Sustainable Future, at the United Nations in New York.

Location: Cape Town City Centre
Car required: No
Dress code: Semi-casual

Through its local, regional and international programs, and projects, This network works with local governments to generate political awareness of key themes in the area of sustainability. Depending on interns skills, university requirements and interests on application they will be placed in one or more of the following areas:
Rio+20 Biodiversity
Climate EcoMobility
Management Instruments
Procurement Resilience and Adaptation Sustainable Cities Water

Studying towards a degree/diploma in Environmental Management/Engineering/Sustainability or a related field
Some past experience would be preferable in your field but not essential
Good communication skills
Proactive thinking and good research skills