Ref: 6001

This institution was established with venture capital funding in July 2011 by spinning off all bioreactor and bioprocess related intellectual property from its parent company, with the express purpose of taking its proprietary bioreactor technology, the Bioreactor to market. This institution currently employs 10 people, including engineers and scientists. The parent company was established in 2003 to manufacture and commercialise natural products produced for the biopharma market using proprietary bioreactor technology and to provide related products and services. Since then, the company has grown into a diversified biotechnology and bioservices firm, identifying and exploiting growth opportunities in areas related to its original mission. Today, the company employs over 40 people, mostly scientists focused on providing a wide range of bioanalytical services to the global biopharma industry and specialist diagnostic tests to local clinicians.

Location: Mowbray 16 minutes Cape Town city centre
Car required: No
Dress code: Semi Casual

- Support ongoing bioreactor and bioprocess research, development and validation. Reports to Senior Scientist, Technical R&D Unit.
- Research and development of a novel mammalian cell culture bioreactor and bioprocess for the biopharma industry.
- Finalization of the institution Microbial benchtop bioreactor system design and manufacture to a commercial, regulatory approved product for the biotech industry. Current objectives include extensive testing and validation of the company process control software. Data generated from the company cultivation's using different bacterial and fungal strains is used to create new application notes demonstrating the institution operation and productivity.
- Mammalian cell culture growth, viability and toxicity studies for new bioreactor materials. Material stability testing, including chemical extractables / leachables / particulates resulting from manufacturing and sterilization.
- Stress indicator studies: effect of growth conditions on cell morphology, viability and productivity. Benchmark studies: comparison of different flask/bioreactor cultivations
- Biofilm growth and productivity studies demonstrating range of institution cultivations
- Support work overflow from microbial, cell culture or engineering projects as needed.
- Learn to cultivate different bacterial, fungal and/or mammalian cell lines.
- Execute growth & viability kinetic studies, enzyme and biochemical assays as required.
- Prepare growth medium, buffers and reagents.
- Evaluate and implement new institution technical applications and procedures as needed.

- Minimum of undergraduate degree in chemical engineering, biotechnology, microbiology or similar field
- Good basic aseptic technique and general microbiology skills,
- Good basic chemistry and general analytically chemistry skills
- Good computer skills including Microsoft Word and Excel spreadsheets
- Ability to work independently according to instructions and with good time management
- Goal orientated team player. Good problem solving skills and willingness to learn.
- Innovative, resourceful and flexible. Conscious about quality.


Ref: 6002

This company was founded by a leading team of scientists and is backed by a solid team of business advisers. They are applying their proprietary technology to the discovery of novel pharmaceutical compounds from nature. Their process relies heavily on the diversity of microbes-fungi, bacteria, and algae-found in previously unexplored regions around the world. This company is also applying their expertise in microbial fermentation to produce known compounds from difficult-to-culture microbes. Their vision is to develop and employ innovative technologies that enable significant improvements in the process of bio-pharmaceutical discovery and development.

Location: Bellville, about 30 minutes drive from the city centre
Car required: Preferable
Dress code: semi casual

As an intern working in companys Life Sciences, you would be mostly involved in work and research on antibiotics aimed at fighting cancer. Moreover, you will also be exposed to all existing projects
and work that this company is currently busy on, and will be expected to contribute to future orientated projects. An internship with this company will provide you with ample opportunity to use your existing skills as well as develop new foundations and gain new experiences. You will be accountable to the manager, which will involve reporting back regularly, completing tasks timorously, maintaining a positive company  image and arriving at work and meetings punctually and well prepared. This company will do their best to ensure that an internship with them is a successful and enjoyable one where every effort is made to meet your needs and requirements.

As an intern, you must be able to work independently and flexibly. In addition to this you must have good research and critical thinking skills and also reasonable English language skills.


Ref: 6003

This institution is a world-renowned, one-stop research facility that generates cutting-edge technology for the South African deciduous fruit, grape, wine and brandy industries. It renders a need-driven service through leading and dynamic research, technology development and technology transfer, so ensuring economic viability and growth of these industries. The research at Biotechnology is divided into two programs:

1. Genetics and Interactions of Host and Pathogens (Identification and isolation of resistance and commercially important genes, molecular based pathogen detection methods)
2. Genetic Improvement of Plants Through Molecular Breeding (Molecular and In Vitro Breeding, Mass Propagation and DNA Fingerprinting)

Location: Stellenbosch, about 50 km from Cape Town city Centre
Car required: Yes
Dress code: semi casual

As an intern working with this institution, you will be working in the Biotechnology department. Your tasks will be varied and numerous, and amongst other projects, you will be involved in DNA Fingerprinting
and genetics, working with one of the top experts in this field. You will be involved with client collaboration, and serving as an important contributor on this dynamic team. This internship will serve as a fantastic opportunity to broaden your horizons in the field of Biotechnology, and will give you a solid grounding for the expansion of your knowledge in this field.

- Be studying towards a degree in Biotechnology or Food technology or related
- Have a strong organisational background,
- Previous work experience preferred
- Solid Works and/or MatLab experience would be useful
- Excellent attention to detail.
- A positive attitude, enthusiastic and motivated.
- Lots of energy and drive, good team player and willingness to learn.


Ref: 6004

This institution provides a scientific and educational environment of the highest standard and conducts innovative research in life sciences for the benefit of developing countries. It strengthens the research capability of its Members through training and funding programmes and advisory services and represents a comprehensive approach to promoting biotechnology internationally. This instituion is dedicated to advanced research and training in molecular biology and biotechnology and holds out the prospect of advancing knowledge and applying the latest techniques in the fields of Biomedicine, Crop improvement, Environmental protection/remediation and Biopharmaceuticals and biopesticide production With Components in Trieste, Italy, New Delhi, India and Cape Town, the institution forms an interactive network with Affiliated Centres in institution Member States. This institution is part of the United Nations System. This institution is a nonprofit research organization and at present more than 400 people from 38 different countries are working in the institution laboratories as research scientists, postdoctoral fellows, PhD students, research technicians and administrative personnel. The Cape Town Component aims to develops research and training activities on subjects of major impact for the African continent, focusing not only on infectious diseases (HIV-AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and neglected infectious diseases), but also on chronic (cardiovascular and cancer-related) and genetic diseases. Plant biotechnology research aimed at improving the staple crops essential for the African population will also be pursued.

Location: Observatory, 10 minutes Cape Town City Centre
Car required: No
Dress code: Semi-casual

- Cancer Cell and Molecular Biology Group
- Genomics and Proteomics Group
- Cellular Immunology Group
- Cytokines and Disease Group
This internship offers students the opportunity to intern in research programmes at the forefront of scientific excellence, constituting the basis upon which the training programmes of the organisation are implemented.

- Studying towards a degree/diploma in Biotechnology/Genetic Engineering or a related field
- Some past experience would be preferable
- Good analytically skills
- Able to work both well in a team and independently