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The Cape of Good Hope SPCA was founded in 1872 and is located on a 14 acre property formerly known as Lyndhurst Poultry Farm, on Klip Road, Grassy Park. Today they treat over 100 000 animals each year. The SPCA is the biggest / strongest local Animal Welfare Organisation in South Africa to deal with National Issues like import & export of wildlife – Tuli Elephant Case, etc. The Cape Town SPCA deals with the following: The Kennels Department looks after strays, bandoned, rescued and donated cats and dogs. The aim is to find suitable and loving new homes for these animals or to reunite stray animals with their owners. They are always in need of volunteers to assist them in looking after these animals. The SPCA is currently busy launching a new project, called ARI (Animal Rehabilitation Initiative), whereby animals will be assessed and prepared for adoption. The Animal Hospital treats sick and injured animals that come to the SPCA. The Hospital has 3 permanent in-house vets and a team of nurses and orderlies. The Mobile Clinic operates in the informal settlements around Cape Town, providing veterinary care for the animals there and educating owners about the pet care. The mobile clinics will also bring animals in to the Animal Hospital for treatment, and return them when they are recovered. The Inspectorate investigates reports of animal abuse and neglect and handles over 700 cases a month. Our inspectors rescue maltreated animals and instigate legal action against animal abusers. The unit is headed up by a Chief Inspector. Volunteers helping the Inspectorate assist with their administration or making pre and post adoption home checks. The Wildlife Section cares for abandoned and ill wildlife, including tortoises, crows, goats, peacocks, geese, squirrels, etc. Volunteers in Wildlife mainly assist with feeding and cleaning. The SPCA Horse Care Unit investigates cases of cruelty and neglect of equines (horses, donkeys, ponies and mules). The Unit rescues maltreated equines and finds new homes for them, operating all over the Westerncape.

Volunteer | Student work description
The SPCA take on students to assist them in different areas. These include veterinary medicine, assisting in the kennel department which includes walking them, feeding them and socialising them and being a general all round helper. They also take on interns in Public Relations and Awareness Campaigns. Your input as a volunteer or intern will be greatly appreciated and you will be treated as part of the team and come in on a daily basis.


In the 1930’s there were about 1.5 million adult African Penguins along the southern African coast. Human activities reduced this number by a staggering 90% in less than a century. The African Penguin, together with over a dozen other sea bird species found in South Africa, is considered to be threatened and vulnerable to extinction. The Penguin Conservation Centre aims to protect and conserve southern Africa's coastal birds, especially threatened species, for the benefit of present and future generations. They have responded to every oil spill along the South African coast since 1968 and have helped to treat more than 82 000 sick, injured, orphaned and oiled sea birds. The Penguin Conservation Centre is a recognised world leader in seabird rehabilitation, doing extensive research into avian malaria together with their partners including organisations like the Baltimore Zoo. Their efforts in conservation continue 365 days each year due to the fact that increasing numbers of our vulnerable sea bird species require rehabilitation year round. This is a wonderful environment to work in as every staff member, including volunteers, is treated as part of the family. You will be required to work up to five days a week from 8 until 5 and some weekend work will be required, but your schedule will be arranged in advance with the volunteer coordinator. This life changing project will allow you to develop skills in teamwork and meet new people. It will also increase the value of your CV or resume and upon departure you will receive certificates of achievement and recognition for accumulation of volunteer hours and completion of training modules as well as a written recommendation if requested.

Volunteer | Student work description
With exposure to local sea birds and the opportunity to take part in boat release programmes, the penguin conservation project is a wonderful and rewarding opportunity for wildlife lovers who are wanting to make a difference. Your work with the penguins and sea birds will be very hands on and you will have the opportunity to learn about their life cycle and give something back to the environment and learn about seabird rehabilitation and conservation. You will learn how to hand raise, handle, feed, give fluids and love these penguins, who have very diverse personalities. Other duties will include the following: · Clean pens · Prepare fish · Clean pools and other centre duties as assigned · Other centre duties as assigned · Write up cards and feeding lists for the next day · Prepare for the following day. As penguins do bite, you will also receive protective clothing with your training including gloves when handling these birds

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