Some Positions where Magister have had Students and Volunteers

From A like Architecture over F like Facility Management to like Human Rights and S like Social Work, Training Positions in every field are now open for 2022.

Pebbles Project

Established in 2004, Pebbles is a non-profit organization passionate about supporting children and their families in farming communities in South Africa. They focus on the entire life of the child and the challenging circumstances in which they live in order to make a significant and lasting difference. Their vision is to ensure that children from disadvantaged backgrounds and of all abilities receive quality education, live within strong family structures, in safe homes and healthy, well-functioning and sustainable communities. The work and mission of The Pebbles Project consists of 5 main pillars: health, nutrition, education, community and protection.

Volunteer | Internship
Working with the children means working with the whole family. The Pebbles social worker engages with individuals and families on issues of neglect, abuse, family disharmony and substance abuse.

Adonis Musati Project

The Adonis Musati Project was named after a young Zimbabwean man who died of starvation on the streets of Cape Town while queuing to get his asylum papers. The project was formed at the end of 2007 in an effort to ensure that no other refugee or asylum seeker would suffer the same fate. Their mission is to provide humanitarian assistance to vulnerable and disenfranchised asylum seekers and refugees in Cape Town. In doing so they aim to provide the support necessary to facilitate a transition to self reliance. Their projects include their Independent Living Programme; Outreach Programme and Peer Counselling Programme. South Africa remains the highest destination country in the world for asylum seekers. Most of them suffered political or economic trauma in their countries of origin. Many are victims of genocide, sexual violence, and massive human rights violations. They journey to South Africa seeking safety, only to be faced with overwhelming obstacles once here. Since its inception, the Adonis Musati Project has been involved in a number of initiatives and activities to assist the vulnerable asylum seeker and refugee population in Cape Town, including health and welfare, training, education, advocacy, and psycho-social and mental health care. AMP believes in taking a holistic approach to offering assistance, addressing both the physical and mental needs of our clientele. The Adonis Musai Project strives to address the gap of access and availability in services for this population, while encouraging individual sustained growth and eventual self-reliance.

Internship | Volunteer
The Adonis Musati Project takes on interns from around the world in Social Work and Psychology, depending on their university requirements, interests and skills they will be involved in several areas amongst the following tasks: To assist the Social Work Supervisor with individual clients, e.g. humanitarian assistance after thorough assessments. To take on a small caseload of 5 to 8 individual cases To assist clients to strengthen family relationships During the internship period, the Adonis Musati Project expect interns to assist with tasks which are not related to their field of study, e.g. administrative tasks and assist with reception

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Volunteer Engagement South Africa

Magister is setting up volunteer placements in Cape Town, Somerset and Stellenbosch but does not run entire volunteer Programs. Please be referred to following trustful, well known program hosts:


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