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From A like Accounting over O like Occupational Therapy to U like Urban Planning, Positions in every field are now open for 2022.

Service Magister South Africa

  1. Suitable, recognized professional internship| practical training| Thesis| Project| Task| Volunteer position in Cape Town, Somerset, Stellenbosch
  2. Setup of desired recognized Internship/ Volunteer post/ program
  3. Experienced guidance in any aspect of Pre Travel incl visa applications
  4. Arrangement and booking of convenient student| volunteer accommodation
  5. Airport pickup, welcome and personal assistance through entire stay
  6. Weekly events and activities
  7. Booking assistance for Day tours, Getaways, Overland Travel
Magister Program€ 850
The program fee includes all Magister services as well as the compulsary medical insurance for your offical educational stay in South Africa




Contact us via Email and we send you the guideline and information


Email your application including CV | Resume and desired internship field and internship dates

Arrangement of desired internship Volunteer post

Desired suitable internship| volunteer arrangment including the required "paper work"

Pre Travel arrangements

Experienced assistance and guidance for your visa application, medical insurance and arranging housing and more

Welcome to Cape Town

Airport pickup, introduction , if required escort on first day of work
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South Africa| Western Cape | 7607 Stellenbosch | Hercules Pilaar Rd| Magister Farm


Volunteer Engagement South Africa

Magister is setting up volunteer placements in Cape Town, Somerset and Stellenbosch but does not run entire volunteer Programs. Please be referred to following trustful, well known program hosts:


Conservation Volunteer Program

Outreach Shark & Marine Volunteer Program

Wildlife Conservation, Wildlife Rescue.Volunteer Program

Internship Positions Cape Town

Most available internship and volunteer positions in Cape Town and surrounding including description, requirements, contact details are listed in the

Magister Database

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