FAQs of Magister South Africa, Programs for international Students and Volunteers

Accommodation Cape Town

How fast Magister could arrange a safe, convenient room in Cape Town?
Budget rooms are very limited. It would be very helpful that student/ volunteer is applying latest 2 months prior arrival.
Are you supplying single student rooms only?
Why shell Magister help me to find my housing in Cape Town, Somerset or Stellenbosch?
Why shall I pay a fee for setting up accommodation?
Must I pay deposit for desired room?
Sign up for the membership program, are there more benefits when just housing?
Would you help me to get settled in Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Surroundings?
If I come without Magister South Africa and I stuck in Cape Town would you still help me?

Internship & Volunteering

Are start dates and duration flexible?
Yes, start dates are flexible and duration, dependant on the project, thesis,  internship post or volunteer placement. Durations typically range are from one to six months. Since we customize all programs according to your schedule, both shorter and longer durations are possible.
Can I earn academic credits?
Do you offer internships and volunteering others then in Cape Town, Somerset, Stellenbosch?
Do you have deadlines, when should I apply?
Do I get paid during my internship/ volunteer work?
What is the average age of program participants?
Do I need to be enrolled at a College, University or School to participate?
What makes Magister different to Others in this industry?

Cape Town Volunteer Programs

I googled around and seen a number of volunteer programs, why you don't list them all?
Volunteer programs come and go. Magister offers volunteering in programs what are currently running. To list them all, requires almost daily updates
What Volunteer projects do you offer?
I only would like to take participation in a volunteer program for 6 weeks, would that be possible?
If I participate in your Volunteer Programs, would be there more volunteers in my desired field?
What is the minimum time period for Volunteering?
What happens if I cancel my desired Volunteer Project?

South Africa Activities, Events, Tours

What is the benefit if I book Nomad Tours or Umkulu or Aquila through Magister?
On top of their listed prices, Magister is able to give you at least 5% discount. Also Overseas Payment from the EU via EFT is without transfer fee. Therefore, you save twice.
Is Magister South Africa a legal travel agency/ booking agent for Tours, Activities?
Do I have to pay Magister or the operator like Nomad, Umkulu, Aquila ...?
Can I pay Magister with Credit Card?
Do I get a proper confirmation of my bookings through Magister?
How long to you cooperate with Aquila, Umkulu, Nomad?
If I do bookings for Activities like Sandboarding, Wine Tasting, Paintball, Snorkel with seals ... why shall I use Magister?
Do you offer any other Activities as listed in Cape Town?