2800 different placement opportunities, professional completion of placement, academic partnerships, experienced care and supervision of program participants and weekly events and activities,
Magister is operating since 2000 and well known by Chamber of commerce based in Cape Town and many international Universities. Tons of information you find in google if you type in magister internship cape town
Average age is 22, however we work with undergraduates, graduates and professionals of all ages. In the past, our range has been 17 to 42!
Yes, start dates are flexible and, depending on the project, internship post, volunteer placement. Durations typically range from one to six months. Since we customize all programs according to your schedule, both shorter and longer durations are possible.
As Magister is based in Stellenbosch and Cape Town, Magister can take care of participants in Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Somerset only. But Placement in Johannesburg is possible.
Yes, many students on our programs earn academic credit through their universities. Check with your university to find out if they grant credit for independent study, experiential learning, community service or internships and we’ll then liaise with your university to ensure that your project meets their requirements.
Magister does not have deadlines. Instead, Magister has a rolling admissions process, and applicants typically apply two to eight months prior to their expected arrival date. This gives Magister plenty of time to organise the right opportunity; it also means you have sufficient time to organize reference letters and, if needed, apply for a visa. But much shorter notice is also possible
No. According to South African law, all internships are unpaid unless you are a South African citizen. There is a high unemployment rate in RSA and the government does not want to create the impression that it is giving jobs away to foreigners. Occasionally sites will give interns under-the-table compensation, though we do not have any involvement in this.
You don't need to be enrolled but you must be qualified for your desired placement
A typical budget is: Magister program fee, return flight 750 Euro, 1 Month accommodation 400 Euro, living cost 1 Month 400 Euro, 1 Month car rental 400 Euro