Internships and Volunteering in Cape Town

Cape Town

The sparkling jewel in South Africa's tourist crown, with annually thousands of international students and volunteers regularly wins international travel awards. With a wide variety of attractions, activities and spectacular sights, lots of international companies and repudiated organisations Cape Town has everything you need for a memorable vacation or business travel destination! Choose from a back-to-basics backpacking trip, or a 5-star luxury hotel whirlpool suite, or anywhere in between. Whatever your budget or needs, Cape Town has it. Offering some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, award winning vineyards and farms, and the most breathtaking views, your visit to Cape Town will not soon be forgotten. But even for those on a tight budget, the so-called Mother City is as welcoming as its name

Internships & Volunteering

Are you looking for a challenging internship to enhance your resume or need to gain compulsory international work experience to finish your studies? Perhaps you would like to volunteer in South Africa, learn a new language or just want to experience the cosmopolitan lifestyle in Cape Town while gaining new skills through completing one of our courses? You don’t need to spend a fortune to achieve this, even if you are on a tight budget we will help you to realize your dreams of a trip to South Africa.

About Us

Magister South Africa, a repudiated, registered and since 2000 operating institution based in Cape Town, assists in matching and placing Students and Volunteers from abroad with companies, organizations, schools, university research programs and projects in Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Somerset. Beside the suitable position Magister looks after Participants entire stay and assures by regular activities and events that the Student/ Volunteer gets the most out of their stay .
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A lot of effort is put in our large student commune. Setting up regulary events, social activities and meetings. Organizing adventure weekend getaways. Booking descounted tour for all participants. Helping in dairly issues and all little problems.
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Teil meines technischen Studiums war es, ein Praktikum von mindestens 22 Wochen zu absolvieren. Ich wollte gerne das Angenehme mit dem Nützlichen verbinden und hatte mich daher für Kapstadt im fernen Südafrika entschieden. Da es auf eigene Faust gar nicht so einfach ist ein Praktikum in meinen Bereich zu finden, hatte ich Magister beauftragt.  Ich konnte mir recht schnell eine spannende Stelle auswählen. Es klappte alles zügig und professional.  Mein Aufenthalt war  gut vorbereitet.  Mir wurde ein nettes Zimmer in einer internationalen WG zugewiesen. Viele Events und Aktivitäten wurden angeboten. Und es war immer jemand da der einen mit Rat und Tat zur Seite stand. Ich möchte mir hier nochmal für alles bedanken .

Dennis E. Deutschland